Culinary delights for connoisseurs in our Dolomite Hotel

Award-winning gourmet cuisine at the Excelsior.

Colorful variety in the food

We spoil you with excellent South Tyrolean cuisine

The colourful diversity in our food combined with the finest details in our work distinguish the dishes in our Dolomite Hotel. We use premium products from the region that are put together with superior craftsmanship and much skill to bring you the very best culinary delights.

The aroma and the beautiful arrangement of food will convince you of the professionalism of our kitchen team. You can taste it in every dish. The chefs, notably the head chef Rino de Candido, not only impress our guests with their delicacies, but they have also been acknowledged by all the recognised gourmet judges and magazines. As one of the very few Master Chefs of the World Association of Chefs Society, Rino mainly focuses on the principle of simplicity. He is a great believer of the authentic flavours of the products used and surprises guests in our Dolomite Hotel with menus that are based on the traditional recipes used by South Tyrolean mountain folk, but also dishes that are inspired by international gourmet cuisine, conjuring them up into colourful delights. Discover our world of cuisine and let the gourmet achievements of our professionals astound you.

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Our menu at the Excelsior.

South Tyrolean specialties

We invite you into a world of alpine fine dining with our gourmet dinner menu at our Dolomite Hotel. Mediterranean flavours mix with traditional Ladin recipes, Italian sense for taste and style, but above all the love for culinary craft here.

The menus appeal to the most elegant of your senses, they surprise and are reinvented each day. All buffet dishes out ready for you during the day, and of course the 5-course evening menu, are included in the room price as part of our ¾ luxury board at our Dolomite Hotel. You have the opportunity of choosing between different dishes at each dinner. These can of course be vegetarian, vegan and low-calorie too – you choose what we bring to the table. We are also happy to meet the special requirements of those with allergies because we pride our food on being fundamentally healthy and energising, so that you can fully enjoy your holiday with us here at the Dolomite Hotel.