Dolomites Lodge
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Moving artwork – on display in our Dolomite Hotel

The Dolomite Art Gallery at the Excelsior.

Tamara Call, the head of our Dolomite Hotel,

The hotelier is the symbol for everything beautiful and feminine

takes pictures and collects. She filters colours and shapes from themes that she meets in nature. She then re-forms them and adds a multifaceted significance to each object.

Her sensitivity and perception of hidden beauty is the foundation from which she bases her distinctive artistic flair. The painted images tell stories of the flora and fauna of the Dolomites, they portray the lives of the mountain folk – with the works harmonising the spectator from the inside.

Some of her paintings hang in the Dolomite Art Gallery, directly in our Dolomite Hotel. You are very welcome to visit the gallery at any time and Tamara would be thrilled to take you on a tour of her oil, acrylic and chalk depictions of the South Tyrolean mountain landscape on request. Other visual slices of time and artwork in the form of black & white and colour photographs complete the exhibition. They were snapped by Noemi Call, who inherited the passion for something special from her mother Tamara. The young artist primarily takes her inspiration from the travel experiences that she encountered during her adventures around the world. She is occasionally an observer, but she likes to stage-manage most of all. Above all, it is the critical observation of human behaviour in society that fascinates the South Tyrol native. Let yourself be captivated from the creative work of the two Calls and visit the art gallery in our Dolomite Hotel.