Dolomites Lodge
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Atmospheric designer surroundings in our Dolomite Hotel

The lounge atmosphere of the Dolomites.

The pleasant design is functional but also appeals to the senses for its beauty.

 lounge atmosphere hotel excelsior

We supplement this principle with another important aspect: The design should have a harmonious impact on the overall mood of the guests.

We remained true to these guiding principles when we designed the lounge of our Dolomite Hotel. Look forward to completely unwinding in our premises. We mountain folk enjoy life to the fullest and have tailored our exclusive hotel so that you can find this all out for yourself. And of course, an atmospheric lounge setting is required for this. Take advantage of the feel-good amenities on offer and spend time in the lounge of our Dolomite Hotel in-between holiday activities - and why not do so with a good book and revitalising drink?

The fireplace lounge at the Excelsior.

Fire has something meditative

Fireplaces have somewhat of a meditative effect. Something elemental, that appeals to us in the subconscious and conveys a sense of security. Such an area can be found in the fireplace lounge of our Dolomite Hotel.

See how the flames crackle, often bubbling and swaying around the glazed fireplace. It draws your attention to it, imparting a warming effect that is good for the soul. Settle yourself in the lounge chairs while our service team spoils you with soothing drinks and small bites to eat. Your holiday in our Dolomite Hotel should recharge your batteries, regulate your balance but especially awaken your spirits. Revitalise yourself with precious energy in our lounge ambiance.

The hotel library at the Excelsior.

You will certainly have plenty to tell by the end of your holiday. Stories of your experiences, special moments, nature, love, family and small adventures. But if you do not want to dive straight into the action, then you have the opportunity beforehand to browse through selected works of world literature in our hotel's library, we do of course offer several languages. But be prepared: Time passes quickly when you are devouring stories by well-known authors. But in the meantime, just let us serve you with a hot cup while you have all the space you need to just relax. Comfortable seating areas make you just want to while away in peaceful harmony at the Dolomite Hotel for longer than planned – it is truly quiet in the hotel's library, the only sounds that you will hear will come from the colourful stories jumping out from the pages as you scroll through a novel.

The sun terrace at the Excelsior.

Enjoy and relax in the wellness hotel

Thanks to the privileged position of South Tyrol protected by the northern Alps, which shield against the accumulation of clouds and cold winds from the rest of the country, we have many sunny days compared to the surrounding regions.

This is fully taken advantage of by our guests at the Dolomite Hotel – not only by means of the many sporting activities outdoors, but also with relaxation on the grounds of our Excelsior. We have a well-placed sun terrace, which you may like to use during the day to chill out. You can of course have lunch or an afternoon snack out on the terrace of our Dolomite Hotel. There is simply nothing better than soaking up the sun while enjoying a hearty meal. We are of course more than happy to also serve you refreshing drinks and the latest "summer drink of the year" too.