Dolomites Lodge
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Savour the finest drops – in our Dolomite Hotel

Wine & bar at the Excelsior.

A good drink is prepared by the bartender with just as much love

Close the day with a glass of wine at our bar

as the chef brings when placing the delicacies on the plate. The blissful region of South Tyrol has plenty to offer when it comes to wines and the highest quality spirits.

And us mountain folk are more than happy to raise a glass in our Dolomite Hotel with flavours in abundance and aromas on the nose - cheers! Let our sommelier Irene guide you through the wine cellar and take a place at the cocktail bar – Federico will serve you the most thrilling liquid treasures.

The cocktail bar at the Excelsior.

Preparation of creative cocktails

An insightful smile from the barman is enough to confirm the fulfilment of our guest's choice. Federico is a people person and likes to surprise his opposite numbers with some fancy delicacies. It takes some skill and elegance to prepare creative cocktails and he always knows which drink is perfect for you as a guest – this common understanding usually operates without a word even being spoken.

Our cocktail bar has a central location in the Dolomite Hotel. It is the perfect place for a full-flavoured Dolce Vita and a focal point for gathering together and enjoying good conversation, and international sports events or simply just for a casual drink in a pleasant atmosphere. The cocktail menu is forever changing – you will be especially impressed by the latest specials that we have exclusively thought up for you and that we mix up in a very entertaining way. Treat yourself to a drink and experience the welcoming twinkle in our barman's eye.

The Grotta del Vino at the Excelsior.

Irene - Sommeliere and Maitre

South Tyrol leaves no page unturned when it comes to wine growing and pressing. Its quality-tested wines are sold worldwide and the most noble drops have truly consolidated their position in Haute Cuisine. Some fine examples of which we would be happy to pour in your glass in our Dolomite Hotel.

From award-winning Lagrein through to Vernatsch as easily digestible companions to meals, you will find strong woody, full-bodied or even dry, fruity and light red wines. Our flagship sommelier Irene Call will show you how these sometimes have a playful character without tasting too tacky. She personally chooses the South Tyrolean variant together with the head chef – both red and white wine varieties. White wines such Pino Grigio, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay have achieved cult status for many decades now and are tasted in our Dolomite Hotel with much passion. We have compiled an exhilarating, diverse cellar at the Dolomite Hotel, consisting of over 300 different wines from each price category, through which we would be delighted to take you at any opportunity. Since us mountain folk are known for being open people and do not mind trying a heavy Bordeaux or sparkling wines from the Champagne region, we have of course put together some fine wines that are produced outside of Italy in our repertoire. Give your glass a swirl with us and let your smell and taste buds do the rest. Cheers!