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Conquer the Dolomites – while hiking in South Tyrol

Head off into the mountains directly from our hotel.

Feel unstoppable as you march forward. Your gaze takes you upwards, to the palaces of rock and stone. You get a little closer to total freedom with each step you take. Unleashed from all your burdens, you begin to move in a trancelike dance. The birds sail weightlessly overhead and lead the way, the day suddenly stretches longer than previously thought. Finally, you feel yourself again. Feelings that seem long forgotten, suddenly flush the mind. Lingering for a moment while you take a break and take in the panorama while hiking in South Tyrol. An image of the heavens stands before you. A gateway with a direct link to oneself. You fall into a state of total control, you are left with just your thoughts.

The options for unforgettable hiking in South Tyrol

Wanderhotel Excelsior in St. Vigil

are diverse - you can also explore the nearby Plan de Corones / Kronplatz and the Fannes-Sennes-Braies and Puez-Odle / Puez-Geisler Nature Parks of the Dolomites of your own accord. For those interested: All hikes on the high nature park plateaus offer views overlooking the famous three peaks of Lavaredo, which you can of course hike around or climb as part of a day excursion.

The higher you venture, the stronger these thoughts become. Now your thoughts all come into one as you continue on your way and you realise: This is life. Life as you have never experienced. You can conveniently start your hike in South Tyrol and the Dolomites directly from our hotel that is situated at a healthy height of 1,200 metres. There is no finer way to experience the Dolomites as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We also offer guided tours several times a week as part of our Dolomite Life Hiking Plus service package - get a real insight into the hiking region from real mountain folk.