Dolomites Lodge
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Design needs nature – in our Dolomite Hotel

True beauty stands the test of time

We find anything that has corners and edges beautiful. Mountains with unnatural rock formations, people with critical opinions – it is the most beautiful aspect of humanity and the greatest power on this planet. Our approach to beauty is very simple: We live for the real thing… For honesty and authenticity when dealing with others, the nature and of course with you, as a guest of our Dolomite Hotel. Do not expect a show with us, but rather the true passion and hospitality from the people, the mountain folk, who are always ready to lend an ear whenever you have a wish or a concern. However, our courtesy extends even further. It is no secret that our Dolomite Hotel is also a centre for fine arts. Thus, the hotel's manager, Mrs. Call, personally ensures that you encounter plenty of paintings and photographs in the many corners of the hotel, which have been lovingly conceived and created with a lot of sensitivity – in order to reflect our mentality and to make your holiday atmosphere all the more livelier. We focus on design and culture; this begins with the atmosphere of the Dolomite Hotel, runs through the culinary specialities that we serve and finishes with the leisure programme that is exceptional and is attentive to a harmonious ensemble.

We learn from nature

Unique nature in South Tyrol in the Dolomites

and only have it as our primary role model that embellishes us with new ideas for shaping your holiday package. Experience the beauty of the Dolomites with us every day.