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Inspiring mountain scenery – around the Dolomite Hotel Excelsior

Connected with the sublime

When we take a look to the east in the morning and the still shimmering red sun casts a gentle silhouette over our great love, we only gain more commitment to the mythical power of nature with each passing day. The talk is of the Dolomites, the elevations mean the world to us. Their rocky massifs are monuments of the brute strength of all elements. The peaceful places of power on the colourful Alpine meadows, accessible from our Dolomite Hotel, constitute a spiritual marker for so many enthusiasts with the landscape of South Tyrol known as a natural wonder well beyond its borders, moving people to lasting awe from near and far. Renowned architects elect the Dolomites as the among most beautiful natural structures in the world, songwriters sing about how loved-up youths pay homage to their sweethearts, poets fall under the spell of their fantasy worlds when they write about the mountains between the Fanes and the three peaks of Lavaredo.

Nature remains intact in the Dolomites,

You can relax by mountain hiking in the Dolomites

which is fundamentally built upon the mentality of the grateful residents and visitors alike. Everything worthy of protection should be done so and this is why we promote a greener form of tourism, which transcends into our Dolomite Hotel.

An infrastructure that encourages a wide range of leisure activities, without having to compromise on luxury, awaits you here. The outright exclusivity however lies in being able to openly utilise the simple things, experiencing the lightness of being and discovering a universe of absolute harmony for yourself. The Dolomites have been incorporated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Revitalise this heritage with us and support us in maintaining this imposing treasure – the Dolomite Hotel Excelsior is counting on you.