Dolomites Lodge
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Meet modern mountain folk – at the Excelsior Hotel in South Tyrol

Hosts with heart and sensitivity

We are extremely strong as a family unit. We have a cohesion which cannot be broken by anyone or anything because it is built on a continual mutual learning. We safeguard the knowledge that has been imparted to us and let the people we love the most know how much we appreciate them. We already start to burst with a little pride when we talk about our family, which is made up exclusively of individuals with an enchanting heartfelt character and highly developed talents. We have created space in this circle for shared passions that often stimulate the beauty of the mind, but then again also has enjoyment with physical activity as the focus. The Dolomites are our home and they also serve as a source of inspiration that we can draw from and are responsible for all good ideas. As modern mountain folk, we like to take you by the hand and hike with you along pristine trails while inviting you on small journeys into the world of art and culture and want to leave one thing open for you above anything else: the pleasant, casual way of life that can be savoured here in the mountains and in our Hotel in South Tyrol down to the very finest detail.

Werner Call

Successful business man, fast-paced and mountain bike freak

He is one of those men who people love to listen to when they start to talk. Not because he is a man of many words, but because he talks sense.

You feel like you are in good hands in his company because he radiates a pleasant tranquillity from the bottom up. Werner is a full-blooded tourism expert and successful businessman, quick eater and mountain bike freak. He does not know the meaning of the word "Impossible". It is for this reason that our Excelsior grows in quality anew each day, something that is highly appreciated by all guests.

Tamara Call

The hotelier is the symbol for everything beautiful and feminine

The elegance of our manager radiates out of her and rubs off onto the whole hotel. Her force is felt wherever she goes, and our Hotel in South Tyrol thrives off her creativity as well as her artistic tactfulness.

The hotelier is the symbol for all that is beautiful and feminine but she also has a delicate taste when it comes to humour. Her presence is felt in each corner of the Excelsior and lives up to her glory as a true worker bee. Tamara is a true lady, but she can also be unexpectedly rather natural, the loving mother is a great role model for her daughters Noemi and Giulia – our guests will especially appreciate her originality.

Noemi Call

As a psychologist, Noemi has devoted himself entirely to science

As a prospective psychology student, Noemi has totally committed herself to science, setting herself the task of making the invisible nature of the inner persona in the work and actions of others visible through the aim of self-realisation.

Noemi has always had a great sensitivity towards her fellow human beings. She has developed into a young philosopher and constantly surprises her peers with her intelligence and profoundness. Meat does not come easy to the plate of our young daydreamer and thinker as she would prefer to be out photographing the flora and fauna around our Hotel in South Tyrol when she is not planning her next trip to India. Noemi takes life in her stride with a gentle smile and enjoys debating with open-minded people.

Giulia Call

Giulia, the cordial entertainer

The youngest family member at the Excelsior sweeps like a whirlwind through our Hotel in South Tyrol. Giulia, the cordial entertainer, loves hitting the slopes with the guests and is the perfect companion for all those who simply want to enjoy the exciting thrill of all things sporty.

She is the absolute candidate for the next hostess of the hotel in her self-assured role. When the young tourism specialist has something in her head, then there is no stopping her – this is especially true for good school grades, because Giulia is extremely disciplined, although she does also love playing a light-hearted prank on her family every now and again.