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Guided by heart and soul – our hotel in South Tyrol

Also thinking about the next generations.

The mountains as a monument attest to the inviolable strength of the elements. They are always on the move, even if it does not seem so at first glance. They are characterised by fossilisations from prehistoric seas, are shaped by wind and weather, but they always stand in their full glory as the sun shines upon them. Once you have seen our Dolomites, the much celebrated natural structures of South Tyrol, then you will never forget the images of the almost surreal rock palaces.

The mountains bestow inspiration and tranquillity on all those travellers or hikers,

Nature and Design Hotel San Vigilio

strangers or friends that cross their path. Those who know how to appreciate this and are prepared to help keep nature intact, can consider themselves mountain folk. We have made it our task here in our Hotel in South Tyrol to preserve the landscape of our region no matter what it takes, so that it will still remain as attractive as today for many generations to come.

Sustainability & Traditions

Sustainability plays an important role in our Hotel in South Tyrol when it comes to the selection of all food products – you will only enjoy the very highest quality ingredients in our dishes and drinks that are always purchased primarily from local farmers and suppliers so that they too can benefit. It is a tradition here that meat products are purchased from the butcher of the village, who also happens to be the brother of the hotelier, and eggs and vegetables bought from the farm around the corner with the herbs used for refining meals hand-picked directly from our head chef's garden.


We still truly value traditions here. This begins with the language of Ladin that is still passed from old to young in San Vigilio / St. Vigil and is still fluently used here on-site. The traditions are also reflected in the appreciation of family, customs and nature and is something guaranteed not to pass our guests by. Be amazed by the centuries-old culture that we have integrated into our leisure programme, and experience real South Tyrolean traditions at the many exuberant festivities and in our Hotel in South Tyrol.