Dolomites Lodge
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Exceptional sleep quality in our hotel in San Vigilio / St. Vigil

Individually customised mattresses for you.

Daydreams come alive

when you open yourself up to the countless secret places in the bizarre world of the Dolomites and San Vigilio / St. Vigil.

The images that you pick up as you experience the mountains during your trips will definitely be rediscovered again in your mind. Mostly during your sleep.

We have developed a very special night programme for you here in our Dolomite Hotel in San Vigilio so that you can harmoniously encounter your holiday dreams and always start the day fully refreshed. We call it the "Sleep yourself to health" programme – and this has its reasons. On the one hand, you have the opportunity of informing us of your preferred mattress on arrival to our Dolomite Hotel. Everybody has different requirements when it comes to what we sleep on and this depends on our physical conditions such as weight, age and of course our prior physical history as well as our personal preferences when lying down. On the other hand, we have prepared a sleeping environment for you that you can truly relax in.