Dolomites Lodge
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Enjoy the warmth in good spirits in San Vigilio / St. Vigil in the heart of the Dolomites

The panoramic sun terrace overlooking the Dolomites at the Excelsior.

When you take your place on the sun terrace overlooking the Dolomites at the Excelsior, you cannot help but to let your gaze take a devout wander over the San Vigilio / St. Vigil mountains as they silently wrap themselves around the tranquil landscape in the silvery twilight before the first rays of sun begin to showcase their magnificent power against the complex rocky background, only then will you realise why the first illustrations of the Dolomites were not drawings or paintings but breathless tales of astonished and fascinated travellers.

The spectacular play of colours in the light of the rising sun,

Pure relaxation in the Wellness-Dolomiten-Hotel Excelsior

which elegantly pass from a warming gold, orange, pink and violet toned prelude to more gentle tones as the day progresses, will almost effortlessly direct your thoughts from simply watching to taking a look deep inside yourself and take you back to basics.

See the sun pass the Zen terrace as you become one with nature and awaken in the here and now with a refreshed and clear mind after tranquil meditation. Start your day of holiday in the Dolomites of San Vigilio with a sun salutation.