Dolomites Lodge
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Beauty & spa treatments at the Excelsior

Small rituals – large effect

Wellness in den Dolomiten

You must offer something good to the body so that the soul wants to live in it. (Winston Churchill)

  • Alpine massage with warm aromatic herbal stamps

    Here herbs and spellt are cooked in a scented alpine brine and made into stamp pads wrapped in country linen. The muscles and the energy channels ...

    82 €
  • Anticellulite massage

    With this powerful massage the connective tissue is well-supplied with blood and it positively boosts metabolism. The toxins are dissolved and ...

    66 €
  • Antistress massage

    Carried out with a very flat hand, it provides well-being, harmonizes and soothes. 50 minutes

    64 €
  • Back massage

    Ideal for tension in the neck and back. 25 minutes

    39 €
  • Foot reflexology

    Amazing how this massage works positively to activate the entire organism. The foot is seen as mirror of the whole body. 50 minutes

    64 €
  • Head, nape and face massage

    Frees up blockages and lets your energy of life flow. Wonderfully relaxing massage, especially for stressed persons. 25 minutes

    39 €
  • Hydrojet

    A different kind of massage - You simply have to try it! It is located in the changing area at wellness-floor -0 20 minutes: € 15,–3x 20 ...

    15 €
  • Lomi Lomi Nui

    The energy massage from Hawaii enables you let go and to relax. With rhythmic flowing massage strokes, sometimes performed with the forearm, provide ...

    89 €
  • Lymphatic drainage massage - body

    A gentle massage technique, in which the lymph circulation is stimulated and leads to an intensive purging. 50 minutes

    64 €
  • Lymphatic drainage massage - face and décolleté

    Lymphatic drainage massage A gentle massage technique, in which the lymph circulation is stimulated and leads to an intensive purging. 25 minutes

    39 €
  • Massage for the legs

    The ideale massage after doing sports. 25 minutes

    39 €
  • Neu: Hot Dolomites®

    Hot and cold Dolomite stones alternate in a pleasant massage for back and legs relief. 50 minutes

    79 €
  • Total body massage

    The classic. The slightly vigorous kneading and massaging loosens, relaxes and stimulates the circulation and larger muscle groups. 50 minutes

    64 €
  • Vitalstone-Massage®

    A special feel-good experience. Your body is massaged with warm basalt stones and essential oils from local plants and flowers. Utter relaxation and ...

    119 €